Giving is an act of worship, as money displays the root of our deepest affections. We believe that we should worship God with our TREASURES, just as we do with our TIME and TALENTS. In light of this we honor your relationship in Jesus Christ and therefore encourage you to prayerfully consider the wisdom of God in all of your financial matters. From there allow the Holy Spirit to lead to you in your giving to Life Givers Church. We trust that if each of us would simply obey the Holy Spirit in this, God's mission will be accomplished and He will be most glorified! All donations to Life Givers Church are tax deductible. 


TEXT your giving amount to "84321". Use "5" for $5.00 or "500" for $500.00 or "5000" for $5000.00. 

MAIL check payable to "Life Givers Church" at 9299 W Olive Ave. Set. 212. Peoria, AZ 85345

GIVE in PERSON on Sundays at the Gathering.

ONLINE giving can be using the “GIVE” link below.

We extend out deepest appreciation to you for financially investing in God's Mission!