We overcome our greatest challenges by the testimonies of one another!

This is the best church my family and I have been part of! The family here is very welcoming and loving. We talk about real things that can be applied to everyday life no matter who you are or what your story is. Take a walk with Jesus with us, and let His love save you.
— Desiree Favela
Life Givers Church really is a family atmosphere! Love the practical word!!!
— Aqueela Maddox
I keep thinking about what my pastor told me a couple of months ago that might inspire you all to love a little harder.
Everyone knows that God sent his Son to die for a group of broken people. Do you ever think about the fact that God’s decision to allow his Son to be crucified was based on his want not His need?
— A & P
I love Life Givers Church! This is a church where the true gospel of Jesus Christ is taught. If you are looking for a life changing church, look no further.
— Shon Hyneman